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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Apple Tart

Simple in appearance yet powerful in taste. One brief sentence that sums up this delicious apple tart. What I love about this tart is that it is so simple to make and it is bursting with flavor. I love apples, green ones, yellow ones, and red ones…I’ll take them all! So when I get the chance to bake a dessert with apples, I immediately get the urge to make this fabulous apple tart by my favorite cook, Ina Garten. 

Apples have a special place in the hearts of bakers around the world. The Americans have their Apple Pie and the French have their own version; tarte au pomme. The original recipe calls for this tart to be made into one large one. Now this is where my take on the recipe comes in. I make individual petit tarts; this blog is called Petit Treat after all! 

There is something so delicate about this apple tart. The way it fits perfectly into your hands and its aroma of freshly baked apples. It will be hard not to devour it all at once, but be patient and savor every bite! This recipe is perfect for pro-bakers and those of you just beginning your adventures in the kitchen. It is extremely easy and it is a great choice to whip up when you have company. The wonderful thing about this tart is that it looks good, but it tastes even better. So put on your apron and start baking!  

Go on, have a Petit Treat


  1. your photos are so beautiful and so clean. this tart looks delicious. i also love the contrast in your red velvet photos. can't wait to read more!

  2. Oh yes! Your blog looks beautiful. Your photographs are absolutely striking with the clean white backgrounds. Your blog, I'm sure, will be a big success. I will keep checkin back to see what you bake! Thanks for taking a peek at my blog.

  3. Your photos are SO AMAZING!!!!!! Loving the crisp and clean look! The tart sounds so yummy!

  4. Girl your pics are awesome!! totally delish!!


  5. I love Ina too. I think your blog looks great! I really like your photos too. Just, lovely!